How to manipulate people on a video chat

Have you ever heard how a person tries to get along with a stranger on the street? According to the recent research, this way of making new friends is used only by 10% of people who live in one of the developed countries. However, almost twenty years ago this number was much bigger than these days. Most of the scientists have no doubt that such a change has happened recently because of the development of the internet. Nowadays, most of the people get along with new friends on one of the social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

However, even though the internet is so popular nowadays and so many people find their true destiny via their social media personal pages, the elderly human beings have no doubt that this option is awful. The main proof of such a statement is that when an individual sends the first text to his point of interest, he doesn’t know how that user looks like in real life because he can easily edit his photos and his pictures completely differ from the reality. Fortunately, some of the software engineers decided to solve such a significant problem. That’s how they developed services specifically for communication and called them video chats. The only thing a user needs to have in order to start a conversation with a stranger who lives in another part of the world is a web camera installed on his computer or smart phone. Such an accessibility of these websites has made it possible not only to meet a close online friend there but also to start dating. However, sometimes it is not so easy to achieve such a goal. In this case you need to manipulate people, and only when they become your friends. Here are some tips which will help you.

Watch some videos

The first thing you need to do if you have never tried to manipulate other human beings is to watch some tutorials on YouTube. Here are thousands of videos like that where professional psychologists explain the audience how to make other people believe you.

Try to repeat

After watching some videos you need to include some of the tips in your actions. For the first time it will be hard however after several days of practice you will be able to easily use those tips.

Learn how to read people

The third thing you need to do beforehand is to understand how you can read other people. You need to learn what their behavior means and how to determine their feelings looking at their body language.

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