Willow App Review: Appearance is important

Willow is a dating app. The idea is that members do not connect with others looking at their appearances and profiles. The algorithm is based on the information which users can get from each other by asking and answering questions. Here, the community built around the topic of interest for its members.

The single people, especially, the millennials, are looking for a partner in a digital area mostly. For example, according to the well-known statistics, one in ten long-term relationships in 2013 started online. As well, 5 % of all marriages of 2017 were the result of the online hookup, as a Pew Research Center study reveals. That is why the founder of the Willow App, Michael Bruch, wants to make the online dating experience as close to the offline partnership as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages of the app

This platform has lots of pros:

  • The app is based on communication but not on images and photos.
  • The interface is easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • The app works smoothly, without any bugs and delays.
  • You can find a match for long-term relationships here.
  • The levels of aggression and abuse are quite low with this app.
  • It works well for people who have difficulties with presenting their photos to the wide community.
  • The app uses brand-new technologies and is constantly updated.

Yet don’t forget about these cons:

  • The app is not suitable for those people who have problems with asking and answering questions.
  • The interface may seem rather minimalistic, so it does not feel good for people who are ready for sex and short-term hookups only.
  • The number of users at a certain moment can be restricted only to those who have answered your questions, so the choice does not seem limitless.
  • The live support team is not available, so it is not for people who feel it problematic to find the solutions of their own.

There are some things you need to know about registration on the Willow App. The first one is that you can sign up from your mobile number or Facebook account. When you start the process, the verification code is sent to the number you indicated.

The profile photo is not mandatory. Uploading it at first is even not recommended. You can pick out and customize the avatar image instead of showing who you are and what you are expecting here. Such information as your email or last name is not required either. The notifications settings can be customized as well.

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