Fighting with loneliness in your couple

Quite a large percentage of people believe that having a partner will free them from an oppressive feeling of loneliness. However, when the right person appears in life, it turns out that everything is not so simple and the feeling of loss may not just not go away, but also increase. We decided to find out why this happens and whether we can do something about it.

Be more determined

The longer you “grow” the destructive feeling inside you, the sooner your psyche will fail, no one knows what will happen – it can be both a nervous breakdown, and going into deep depression. Almost any problem within a relationship can be solved by sitting at the negotiating table. It is quite rare that only one of the partners experiences alienation in a couple, most likely, your other half also feels discomfort. Explain your feelings, together it will be much easier for you to find solutions.

Your relationship is your personal experience

Society, and especially social networks, has a huge influence on relations. In the ribbon we see friends, acquaintances and media personalities who tell us how beautiful their union with their partner is. All this, even if we do not realize it, affects our perception of our own relationships. It may begin to seem that the other half is somehow wrong and does not spend as much time as “the perfect man she talks about in every post. Stop transferring other people’s images to yourself, you do not know how true the words of your friend or another star in the relationship are, you must focus on your union, remember all the positive moments that you have experienced together, and as for the problems in mutual understanding, we solve them, as we said before, by communicating with your man.

You do not have common interests

Yes, it is not easy to find the ideal partner and at the same time – a like-minded person. It is especially difficult for couples where a man and a woman work in completely different fields and their interests can not overlap. In this case, we are working on what we have, namely, trying to find common ground of the hobbies that you already have. Let’s say that your man is crazy about going out in nature, and you are a fan of fitness. When both partners are skeptical about the activities of the other half, there are conflicts and emotional alienation, which we have to fight. Try to open up to the new and immerse yourself a little bit in your partner’s hobby, and ask him to do the same.

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