2 strange reasons why a man falls in love with a woman

Those who have ever fallen in love know very well how difficult it is to explain why we liked a particular person.  And yet psychologists are constantly doing research, trying to understand the nature of that feeling.

During the study of falling in love from the point of view of psychology, the experts have found out several curious facts. Some common myths about what attracts us in other people were debunked, while others, on the contrary, turned out to be pure truth. We talk about the most interesting reasons why men fall in love with women. 

You seem difficult to access

In 2014, an experiment was conducted which confirmed the widespread belief that men are attracted to women who are difficult to reach. On a series of quick dates, the stronger sex showed a much greater interest in those who showed complete indifference by answering their questions. However, these findings are not universal and have reservations.

In particular, men want to feel connected to a woman – in the context of the experiment, this meant that they chose such a woman as their partner and this choice was not imposed on others.

However, the researchers made another unexpected conclusion: despite the fact that the most attractive for men were distant and cold women, they were the ones who liked the strongest sex least. Love is truly a very confusing and strange thing.

You have the “right” look on your face

When a woman radiates happiness and smiles, men love it. Except if they do, it doesn’t work that way.

In 2011, scientists decided to conduct a large-scale study, which involved more than a thousand people. All the subjects were shown photographs of the opposite sex and asked to assess their attractiveness. As a result, men gave the highest marks to those women who looked happy, and the lowest marks to those who seemed arrogant.

You gesticulate a lot

Are you looking for your love? It’s simple – be open and do not restrain yourself in movement.

Fill the physical space around you: use bright gestures and an expressive body pose. Researchers have observed how people behave on speed dating, and have concluded that those who actively gesticulate were twice as successful as those who sat stiff.

This was confirmed by another experiment. The same people were photographed twice: in the first frame everyone took a clamped pose, and in the second they were asked to relax and be open as much as possible.  These photos were then uploaded to the speed dating application.

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