4 reasons why a man avoids emotional attachment to a woman

He does not let go, but does not approach you, he is near, but not with you, you lack his warmth, you do not feel what he needs, he does not talk about love and avoids such topics. So why doesn’t he let you go? Why does he need you?

It happens that this estrangement has been disturbing since the beginning of the relationship, but it is much more painful when we already have a lot in common and the partner suddenly becomes cold and indifferent. And we get lost in guessing what to look for the reason for this change. And such stories are very common.

Let’s not forget that men and women look at relationships differently. Studies show that men are more inclined than we are to remain emotionally isolated in love and marriage.

Why does a partner avoid emotional attachment? There are several explanations.

1. He is a player

One of the most obvious reasons why the partner remains emotionally alienated is that he does not take you and your relationship seriously. Men love adventure in general. Sometimes they deliberately look for a partner to dispel boredom or increase their self-esteem.

If you can’t always understand what kind of relationship you have, and your chosen one often suddenly disappears from your life, also suddenly coming back, inventing a million reasons and excuses – unfortunately, you meet the player.

2. He’s a perfectionist

Perfection is good. But some people can spend their whole lives looking for the perfect couple. No matter how you behave, this partner will always be picking on something. He will relentlessly try to change you because you don’t match the ideal (and you can’t, nobody can). Such a relationship ends almost always with one scenario – the man throws a fruitless attempt and leaves.   

3. He’s too independent or too dependent

There’s nothing good about both extremes. You may have met men who are always looking for approval or are very dependent on their mother’s opinion (even about whether to date a particular woman). Others, on the contrary, are so independent that they never show their emotions so as not to look vulnerable.

4. Experience in a difficult relationship

Another common reason why a man is afraid of new connections or does not want to get emotionally involved in them is that he has already experienced a toxic relationship. In any new girl he likes, he is afraid to see the traits of the woman who hurt him, so very slowly and carefully goes to get closer.

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