How to love yourself and your body

To love yourself unconditionally in the 21st century seems almost impossible. Each of us has at least once sat on a hard diet to look beautiful in a swimsuit, worried that her breasts are too small and her stomach too fat, or retouched her photos in social networks. Dissatisfaction with her body prevents her from living to the fullest, so let’s learn to love ourselves.

Change your mind

Watch your own thoughts: standing in front of the mirror, do not scold yourself, do not compare with someone, or better not evaluate at all. Try to treat yourself with kindness and love and pay attention to those parts that you like. Standing in front of the mirror, praise yourself and smile at your reflection. A positive attitude is the first step.

Change your perception

You’re embarrassed about your body because it seems imperfect to you. But it’s up to you to decide what’s perfect. There are really no drawbacks at all: what is considered ugly today will become fashionable again tomorrow. So forget about imposed standards and value yourself for who you are.

Change the environment

Your friends, intentionally or not, may be the reason for your shyness: one random comment, and now you’re standing there looking at your ass. And if your friends allow themselves such jokes regularly, think about whether they are friends at all. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your body – you’re good for who you are.

Change the ribbon

You wake up in the morning, flip through the ribbon at Instagram, look at the retouched models, and then you walk up to the mirror and get upset that you’re not like them. Change your approach: sign up for brands that don’t abuse Photoshop, celebrities that promote bodypositive and naturalness, or just leave only friends and memes with animals in the ribbon.

Change the way you live

Enroll in the hall, start running in the morning, eat right, drink more water or just dance in the evening in front of the mirror – confidence in yourself and your body will appear when you understand how strong it is and what it can do. The main thing is to set the right goal: you train to become stronger and healthier, not to lose weight. And have fun – acceptance of yourself begins when we really get high from life.

Determine what you want

At least try to do it. Whole personalities who know what they want are beautiful, admit it. Why don’t you become one of them? You can start with the opposite: Find out exactly what you don’t want from life.

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