Too young to interact

In a modern world, it’s almost impossible to imagine a human being who doesn’t have a mobile phone or other portable devices which are connected to the internet. Although some of the seniors have no doubt that such an obsession can be harmful not only for mental but also for physical health, some psychologists do not get surprised when they see such a tendency among a younger generation of consumers. In fact, they say that such an attraction to modern devices is quite meaningful because today, it’s almost impossible to do many routine activities without using your mobile phone or computer.

However, when we speak about innovative gadgets we think not only about some responsibilities which these technologies allow us to complete faster. In most cases, we think of how these devices help us relax after a long day at work. What’s more, by using these devices, human beings can interact with people who are located in different parts of the globe. In this case case, lots of services for such purposes were developed. Nonetheless, most of these online platforms are available only for those individuals who are over 18 years old. Most of the teenagers don’t understand why they aren’t permitted to get access to such websites. However we have found the explanation for such a restriction.


One of the most essential reasons why people who have not reached their age of majority cannot create their personal profiles on services developed specifically for online communication is the fact that they can meet scammers there. Even though the moderators of the most well-known websites in this field try to do their best in order to protect their members from fake accounts and scammers, there’re still some users who can start behaving inappropriately.

So, those teenagers who meet such individuals can start suffering from such an unexpected situation. As a result, it can lead to some serious problems with their mental health.

Explicit content

One more reason why teenagers cannot sign up to such online platforms is the fact that most of these websites allow all of the users to upload some photos and video clips which can contain some inappropriate materials. Such images can also be harmful for those who haven’t reached their age of majority because they can include harassment and abuse. Some of these pictures are dangerous even for adults and can become a reason for some serious mental disorders.

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