Room Interior as a Tool to Learn the Character of an Interlocutor in a Random Video Chat

When you chat with a random interlocutor in an online video chat, you can observe a part of his/her room. This information may become important while creating a psychological portrait of your interlocutor. So, let’s find out what features you should pay attention to.

An overall room interior:

  • Minimalism. Deep-thinking people for whom there are no trifles prefer this type of interior. They plan every step and action.
  • Classicism. Charming people with strong personalities and (sometimes) complex characters are crazy about this style. If you notice antiques or reproductions of famous works during communication in a cam chat, be sure that the owner of the house knows his/her worth, has a high intellect, and a sophisticated taste.
  • Vintage. Extraordinary people with creative thinking love this interior design. They know what they want and how to achieve their goals.
  • Eclecticism (mixing styles). The owner of the room is an active, sociable person with creative thinking.

Interior color scheme:

In what colors is the interior of the room designed? This is also important:

  • Blue. Perhaps, you have a conversation in an online chat with a romantic person.
  • Red. You deal with a strong and impulsive personality.
  • An abundance of bright colors. Your interlocutor “wants to have everything and as much as possible”.
  • Mismatched shades. Perhaps, a person cannot find him-/herself. He/she is in search of his/her personality and chooses everything on this path, being afraid of missing the right option.
  • Calm and pastel tones. Your interlocutor is a calm and balanced person who meets both joys and hardships with dignity.

How’s the room?

  • Perfect order. Spontaneity, unexpected decisions are alien to such a person. Your interlocutor in a random chat is likely to think over each action several times before doing it. This is hardly a creative personality.
  • On the contrary, it is dusty and dirty in the room; things are scattered wherever. An unorganized person with creative thinking lives there. Finishing matters is not his/her strong side.
  • Chaos reigns in the house. You can see this in the home of an extraordinary, creative person. The owner is constantly busy with new ideas; he/she has no physical time to clean up.

Take a look at the background when you communicate with a random user in a video chat. You’ll probably notice a lot of interesting things that will tell you a lot about the owner of the room.

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