4 Tips you Should Know about a Striptease in Cam Chats to Make Men Go Crazy

Video chats help add new emotions and experiences to life. When you feel lonely or tired of life, dating in random video chats can help forget about a daily routine and spend a pleasant time with unknown interlocutors. The thing is that in random online chats, you are free to be the one you do not dare to be in real life. You can try something you do not dare to do in reality. For example, one of the most popular pastimes in video chats is virtual sex and a striptease.

A striptease is an excellent prelude before virtual sex. You should move in front of the camera and show your body. Some women do it for pleasure while others even manage to make money on this. In any case, if you decide to dance a private dance for your online partner, you should keep in mind the following tips:

  • The right music is half of the success

To move confidently and feel sexy, you should perfectly know and feel the music. You should drown in the chosen track and enjoy every bit. Your body and movements should be a reflection of the track. Thus, if you choose a simple melody that does not reflect your soul and inner world, you won’t look as sexy and seductive as you could.

  • Simple but passionate movements

Your dance should not be too complicated. A man does not choose a dancer in a night club. He wants to observe a sexy dance. Thus, there is no need to add movements of professional dancers, which you can’t repeat. It will look funny and ridiculous, and make your partner laugh. This is not the right reaction. You want to turn on a man and cause desire. Thus, your movements should be smooth and slow to show the capabilities of your body.

  • Do not hurry to get naked

Any dance is art. And your objective is to make this art passionate and desirable. You should know how and when to put off clothes. This point is not so easy. First, you should dance while being dressed. There is no need to take off all your clothes at once as you hear the first bits of your track. You should dance in clothes during the first (or even several) minutes of the melody. Then put off one clothing item and continue dancing. The same is with other clothes. Leave time to dance between undressing. Your partner should enjoy every stage of your striptease.

  • Make a smooth ending

As you’re naked, do not hurry to stop the dance. Continue moving and turning around. Demonstrate your body. Then ask him about the continuation and let him express his thoughts and fantasies. Let your partner guide the process and develop the scenario of your online lustful date.

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