Anonymous apps for video chatting

A younger generation of consumers cannot even imagine their dwelling without using their smartphones and computers connected to the internet because modern gadgets allow them to forget about some routine activities including shopping. Moreover, these devices also lets people work from home.

Furthermore, the internet is also one of the most popular ways to meet a new friend or even a partner for a long-term relationship. Recently some scientists have even conducted a research and found out that every third couple has met each other using one of the social media platforms. The most popular websites in this sphere are video chats. These are online resources where the only additional device a user should have is a web camera on his personal computer. However, sometimes users don’t feel confident enough to start a conversation with a stranger living in another part of the world. In this case the best solution will be to download an anonymous app for video chatting.

Psst! Anonymous

This is the most popular anonymous social network. Here every user is allowed to share some news with other people or discuss some controversial topics. If you have realized that one of the users has become your real mate, you can add him to your friends’ list.

There is also an option to follow one of the users anonymously.

Furthermore, if you write some messages to other users, all of these texts will be deleted permanently after 48 hours after sending them.


Moco is also an amazing application for those individuals who feel too shy to communicate with strangers on the internet without any masks and filters. This program also allows people take part in some conversations on controversial topics.

One of the main characteristics of Moco is the fact that users can play some games with each other.


Chatous is aimed to help people who live in different parts of the globe anonymously. To protect users’ information the administration of this application deletes the history of chatting regularly.

One more reason why this program has become such a popular one is the fact that it’s quite easy to find a friend because users are allowed to choose the themes of your conversation. People also can share some of their favorite videos.

However, you should always remember that the developers of Chatous are responsible for the information which is posted by other users.

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