Ways to understand that a female likes you via text messages

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine a human being who doesn’t have his personal profile on one of the social media platforms. It’s become not only an amazing place for those individuals who are eager to share some of their photos and thoughts but also for those who want to communicate with other users. Most of the humans have no doubt that chatting via messages is one of the most profitable ways of having communication. However, some of the psychologists disagree with such a point of view on this issue because they believe that it’s much harder to understand what your interlocutor feels via the text. While having such an interaction you can hear your interlocutor’s voice and see his face. That’s why it’s quite difficult to understand what another users feel about the particular topic. However, there are some tips which will help you realize if a girl who sends you some messages is in love with you.

She knows a lot about you

This advice will be helpful for those individuals who talk to girls whom they have never seen in real life. You need to get concerned if you understand that your interlocutor has already known a lot about your personality and the things you enjoy doing. It means that she has already looked through your personal page and read at least a little bit about your hobbies. So, she is really interested in you as a person.

She makes you compliments

One more thing which can show you that your interlocutor is interested in you is that she makes you some compliments during your conversation. For example, she can write you some phrases of adoration if you have helped her solve some of her problems. However, such a behavior is not always a sign of love. Sometimes a female can simply be a friend who wants to support you.


Most of the people have no doubt that emojis are meaningless. However, in some cases they can show a lot about your interlocutor. That’s why you need to be careful while reading the message texted by a girl. If she put some heart-themed emojis, it means that she wants to show you her feelings.


According to the statistics girls send some photos to their online friends much oftener than boys. However, you need to look at her appearance on the picture. If she wants to look more attractive, it means that she is eager to demonstrate you that she is not only your online friend, she is a beauty.

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